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A tip on how NOT to get ads during playing some games.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Usalabs, Aug 28, 2020.

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    OK, here's a solution to stop those annoying ads from overtaking your gaming pleasure, especially when you're about to touch an area, then just as you touch it a full screen ad appears and you accidentally start the play store to download it, this is NOT acceptable, this tip only works with offline games, online games need the internet to play, but offline games only need the internet to flood you with ads, so, you can either disable mobile data and WiFi, or go to Google play store, download and install 'NO root firewall', start it and allow the permissions, then when you touch the 'start' button, it'll ask you if it's allowed to create a local VPN connection, don't worry, it's not a VPN as we all know such as most of the online VPN's, etc etc, but it's similar to how a loopback works, when the game requests internet access the firewall will stop it, and thus prevent the ads from appearing,,,,now, don't forget, some games have the ads built in, and other have to connect to the internet to fetch and display them, but if they can't get the ads, then they can't be displayed.

    I use No root firewall for most of my games I play on my tablet and I don't get one ad, now, unless you disable notifications for the firewall, you'l get annoying bleeps etc etc from the firewall saying '????? wants internet access', so it would be better to disable all notifications from the firewall, but REMEMBER to open the firewall app, then touch the 'STOP' button to allow the rest of the device internet access.


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