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A update?!?!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by snowboarderxd1, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. snowboarderxd1

    Thread Starter

    woah a update ! for the devour ! oh wait of course NOT A ANDROID UPDATE i wish we could have 2. Like ANYTHING 2.0 2.0.1 2.1 anything really i want multitouch SOOO BAD Is there anything we could do with this Damn Update maybe somehow like edit it to be like 2.X ?

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  2. d.wats

    d.wats Newbie


    We may never get an official 2.x update on the Devour. It appears to be at the end of it's life cycle already. All we can hope for is a decent rom.

    Edit: I take back what I said about the update. Doesn't seem all that great. Also, doesn't work if any blur components are missing it seems. So I wont be getting this update.
  3. snowboarderxd1

    Thread Starter

    I got 2 updates?
  4. d.wats

    d.wats Newbie

    I saw one update. I can't install it as I removed all the Verizon apps though. Not sure it's an update worth getting though. Doesn't seem to be that great over all.
  5. snowboarderxd1

    Thread Starter

    im installing the second update now seeing what the hell that is
  6. snowboarderxd1

    Thread Starter

    Never Mind i cant seem to install it o.o even thought i havent uninstalled anything anything i have to do?
  7. d.wats

    d.wats Newbie

    I'm not sure. If you haven't removed any apps then it should work.
  8. snowboarderxd1

    Thread Starter

    im not sure why it isent working? i havent tooken anything out Only thing that is different is that the Framework-res But its still like the same just pictures are Different
  9. d.wats

    d.wats Newbie

    That may be all it takes to break the update.
  10. snowboarderxd1

    Thread Starter

    UGHH I need a backup of the Settings.apk Does anyone happen to have one?

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