Root A way to unroot your Bionic if you need to


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I also listed the root procedure.

Instructions to Root:
1. Make sure you have Motorola drivers installed - Motorola Drivers 32bit Motorola Drivers 64bit
2. Download the PetesMotorolaRootTools file and unzip it to your Windows PC.
3. On your phone go into Settings>Applications>Development and check the box for USB Debugging.
4. Plug phone into your computer and select “Charge Only” mode.
5. Navigate to PetesMotorolaRootTools v1.05 folder and run Pete’s Motorola Root Tools.exe.
6. Follow the instructions in the command window.
7. Your phone will complete 3 steps, rebooting along the way. When it finishes, you will be rooted.

Instructions to UnRoot:
1. Make sure the Motorola drivers are still installed.
2. Make sure USB Debugging is still selected.
3. Connect your Bionic to your computer.
4. Run the Pete’s Motorola Root Tools.exe.
5. Select UnRoot My Phone at the bottom.
6. Your phone will reboot 3-4 times as the program goes through all 4 steps in the process.


This came from an article at Talk Android. Here is the link.


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Thanks for the write-up, or should I say the c/p from DroidLife! :p
This was definitely the reason for me going ahead with rooting, though I'd be feeling a little safer if an SBF was available.