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A week with my moment. Hero? nah, i made the right choice

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DoormanIsGod, Dec 17, 2009.

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    Probably like many here, I am a smartphone junkie. I've been wanting an android device since i saw the G1 but refused to leave sprint because of their plans and data network speeds versus the other carriers. Coming from a blackberry, then to a pre(i kinda miss it), to say the least im very very satisfied. I was in the sprint store for well over an hour moving between both the hero and the moment. The hero is a nice device but its so lacking. The UI was fun and pleasant to play around with and the phone was packed with features but first and foremost i needed a phone thats more a utility, secondly a toy. The hero/htc devices has a bad rep for horrendous battery life and with all the integration that sense UI has with many social networking sites, i see why in my research there were alot of complaints about battery life, so i got the moment. The moments selling aspects were the keyboard which took a bit getting use to but after two days i can type blindly without looking at the keys*LOVE IT*. The hefty feel of the phone, voice control with dedicated key, optical scrolling, dedicated camera button, a FLASH! and most importantly a bone stock android OS. I had a battery life issue which was quickly remedied by reading a thread here and now i can go 10-12hrs with moderate use before i get a battery warning. Typicaly usuage includes facebook several times a day, calls, alot of txting and sometimes just turning the phone on to tinker in the OS. Its by far the zippiest phone i've ever used and OMG the screen is GORGEOUS! you get the right wallpaper on there and i dont think ive seen another smart phone with a screen this pretty. Well enough of my ranting, if you cant tell.... im happy.

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