A200 charge issues


How come when i go to newegg.com or bestbuy.com, or hell even tigerdirect.com i see bad reviews on this tablet. It seems like a really great tablet for what you pay for it. I plan on getting one myself. But i keep seeing people complaining about their A200 being either DOA or not taking a charge after about a week or so, and yet i haven't seen one post on here about the issue. Is it something that these people are doing wrong or is there really an issue that needs to be addressed. Thanks you for any info, and if i may have missed the post feel free to put the link on this thread and flame me if need be, because i really did look for it.


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I was surprised by your post as I am pretty happy with my A200 which I've had since last December and had no trouble with it. You are right, there are quite a few complaints particularly on newegg. I can't comment on whether it is something that these people are doing wrong or is there really an issue that needs to be addressed.

There was one post here about the same power problem http://androidforums.com/acer-iconi...idering-purchase-a200-10g16u.html#post4061072.

I guess most people who have that problem and return their A200 don't get around to posting on this forum.
I started that thread. Except for that one instance I am very happy with my A200. I have used it for practically everything.

The sound issue is solved with Volume +. I have not used the camera but twice and was no thrilled with it. I did not buy it for the camera. I just set up an external HD yesterday and it is great that it plugs right in and works. I have used mice with it but not a keyboard yet. Netflix works great and I stream music a lot.

I use logmein and it is great to work on desktops like you are there.

This is a heck of a lot better than my broken Acer Aspire One net book.


Check over at the acertablet forums, there are quite a few people who are having this issue, seems like a bad batch of A200's got out there...
I had my tablet for less than 2 hours and I had to send it to Texas for repair. They did not find anything wrong with it, but I still think they did some sort of special reset.