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a20e has only 72mBit at 40MHz channal with

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Andre0815, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Andre0815

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    My Samsung a20e has only 72mBit at 2.4GHz 40MHz channal with on Wifi direkt near to the router.
    My PC gets 150MBit on this 2.4GHz wifi net.

    I testet my a20e against two 2.4GHz 40MHz AccessPoints. At both just 72mBit instead of possible 150mBit..

    Does anybody know why that is and my how to reach full 150Mbit on this a20e..

    Thanks , A

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  2. LOveWerks

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    Andre, my friend -
    If your phone is capped at 2.4 or 5 gHz, it doesn't matter - even with gigabit Ethernet/WiFi. At lower bandwidths, the data speed goes down too.

    I have gigabit Ethernet with flex bandwidth/WiFi. With 2.4 gHz phone, maybe 48 mbps... at 5gHz, 380-400 Mbps... and with a gigabit-ready phone, the sky's the limit.

    You can't increase your speed, as your router isn't able to part hairs like mine does. But even a 2.4 GHz phone CREEPS in my house.

    Sorry, brother. If you have any questions, I refer you to @ocnbrze - he knows a lot, and if he can't help you, he knows someone here that can - and in AF tradition, you will get help. Stay safe, and strong.

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  3. svim

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    WiFi Direct relies upon your mobile device acting as a limited power, limited functionality quasi-router, so the WiFi signal it emits is going to significantly less than the more extensive WiFi signal emitted by a router. WiFi Direct is primarily a convenience measure to connect two devices together, it's not intended to be any kind of comprehensive networking substitute.
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