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Jan 3, 2013
Does anyone know how to delete the incoming phone calls? on my old lg k20 i could swipe the call as it was coming in and it would leave a message telling the caller i was blocking their number and then i could go to that number and swipe it left or right and have the option come up letting me block it or delete it or save it.

on this a21 phone i have not yet figured out how to do this. i think i found where i can leave a message but if i want to block the number i have to let it ring out and then jot it down and then go into the number and re-enter it to block it.

i'm hoping i can find an easier way to do this. so maybe someone has figured this out.

so does anyone know how to do this? i have yet to figure it out.

that could be so. after i started this thread i did some more messing around and figured out how to block phone numbers a bit easier but not like the lg did. so i guess i get another lg phone and sell this one being it takes so much work to block calls, i have the wifes old lg aristo phone so for the heck of it i think i will try to see if that one deletes and block calls. i will have the wife call that number and see if it does the block the same was if so then yep it must be an lg thing. thanks
Try to youmail. It's a great app that blocks most spam and robo calls. I have it only only a small fraction of spam calls get thru. Give that a go, before moving on. It's in the Play store. I'm on the go so I can't link it for you.
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So on my z fold 3, I just noticed that there is at the bottom of my incoming call screen, a tab that I could slide up and I can then choose to block or report the call as spam. Not sure if it's the same on your a21
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thanks everyone. i do not want to put another app on the phone just yet to block calls as i do not get many but i get enough that i would sure live to have the option to slide the number over then get the add to contacts or block the caller like the lg does. i did find a way to do it but only after the call has ended. but then next call i get i will try sliding the scren left right up and down to see if i get that option to block.

on more thing that someone may be able to help with. when i open the camera i get the closeup camera the right icon and the image is so large i have to move the camera way back to get a photo. so I have to select the left icon, so does anyone know how to make it so i can default to the left icon for the cameras when i open them? i do not yet see that in the settings. and when i select the left icon it never stays there, even if i have the keep setting when the camera is off.