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a2107 root, mods and Rom discussion

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by basoodler, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. basoodler

    basoodler Member
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    I am setting this thread up to hold some files collected from the interweb. I am going to upload them when I can. I figured some could use some clarification or testing before they go into the main thread

    Threads of interest:

    This xda thread is the source of many of the links posted below

    A Rom developed by pemergency (Xda thread)
    (the file has to be purchased on Ebay I believe 5 euros)

    When possible I am moving them to my personal google drive to save the Dev's bandwidth.

    Root method posted by ichi go from xda

    Here are the steps :
    - Connect the tablet in Debug USB mode
    - Launch root.bat
    - The device will reboot at each of the 3 steps

    Root link (a link I made)

    MTK Droid Tools for easy IMEI repair and easy ROOT install. Can anyone explain this? Is this a method of rooting? (XDA user pemergency posted this)

    MTK TOOLS Download

    This is a USB Vcom driver from the xda thread.
    it is a zip file with folders for xp,vista, windows 7, and windows 7 /64bit
    There is no indication of how to install them :p

    (My google drive)

    OTA update in zip form (it says to install in stock recovery)
    here (xda link)


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  2. basoodler

    basoodler Member
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    from the Lenova site
  3. mdemetri2

    mdemetri2 Lurker

    Hi, does anyone have an update on this? Just wondered if someone with the lenovo tab (a2107) managed to root it (what with) and then enable the calling feature?


Lenovo IdeaTab A2107


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