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A30 many issues

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by danmedayork, May 7, 2020.

  1. danmedayork

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    I have an A30 and it was bought in Panama (IMEIs were changed there because they dont match the box) so anyways the phone is going giving me the following issues:

    1) The phone shows as Custom in phone status, Magisk Manager is installed and developer options are enabled (OEM Unlocking, USB debugging, verify apps over USB, Multiple PBAP Properties)

    I have to reboot the phone every few hours because it runs out of space, when I power it on it says 40Gb free but after a few hours it runs out of space and the only way to fix it is through a reboot.

    The phone also shows IMEI status NG at times (when it doesnt register on the network I verify through *#0011# and it says NG but after a couple reboots IMEI status says OK and signal is ok as well.

    What could be causing these two behaviors?

    Priority #1 is the space thing which is driving me nuts.

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