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A30 will not download apps or some app updates via data

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DookusMalukas, Feb 19, 2020.

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    Had to buy a phone from the local post office after my first gen pixel's screen de-laminated due to the battery swelling, can't wait for the parts to arrive, this older phone still beats many newer ones.

    Bought the A30, it was the highest quality phone they had ...for apps download and update I have set all settings to "Download over any network" and even tried "Only Use Mobile Data" to see if that helped ... yet many Apps still won't download and some won't update and simply display "Waiting for WiFI" which I won't be able to gain access to until I drive 94k's to the closest town with a WiFi Hotspot that my Mobile network supplier has at certain points in that town. and just now while I'm writing this it once again turned off it's WiFi Hot spot capability and I need to go to the phone and turn that back on so I can keep typing this post and continue to gain access the internet from my Laptop, this is seriously stupid!!!

    Seriously Samsung, how long have you been producing phones and how many more do you sell than Google?who manage to get the software workinh smooth and with very few glitches such as this, people like me need to report to the governemnt as I've been laid of and am recieving government support till more work comes my way and I can't with several apps, freeking unbelievable!!!!


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