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A500 came with 3.01 update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sulky, May 22, 2011.

  1. sulky

    sulky Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Only noticed when I tried to update, only had it 3 days. So looks like new ones are getting shipped with the latest version. Anyone else think the power cable is too short btw

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  2. PeteDee

    PeteDee Well-Known Member

    Oh yes, far to short.
  3. michaelg1030

    michaelg1030 Member

    3.1 is the newest update, which is what the xoom got. 3.01 isn't much of anything. I believe 3.01 is just acer's original firmware.
  4. gabeyong

    gabeyong Android Enthusiast

    Just so you know...

    Android 3.01 Updates
    1) Native Browser
    - Updates for HTML5 support
    - New multi-touch support for JavaScript and plugins
    - Updates for overflow scrolling

    2) Adobe Flash Player update 10.2
    - Hardware accelerated video presentation for H.264
    - Deeper integration with the Android browser rendering engine
    - Enhanced performance for multi-core tablets
    - Automatic soft keyboard support

    3) Bug fix that addresses daylight savings time and calendar appointments

    4) Updates for USB and Bluetooth

    Android 3.1 Updates
    - UI refinements
    - Connectivity for USB accessories
    - Expanded Recent Apps list
    - Resizeable Home screen widgets
    - Support for external keyboards and pointing devices
    - Support for joysticks and gamepads
    - Robust Wi-Fi networking
    - Enterprise support
    - Updated set of standard apps
    + Browser
    + Gallery
    + Calendar
    + Contacts
    + Email


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  5. bazsh

    bazsh Newbie

    Im newbies in Android
    Just bought Acer Iconia a500 for 1 week
    If the update for v3.1 is available,how can i upgrade my device?
    And does my installed app will be gone?
  6. PeteDee

    PeteDee Well-Known Member

    3.1 is not available yet only 3.01.

    Should only be a couple of weeks though before 3.1 is here.

  7. mtollin

    mtollin Member

    Yea, but I just got off the phone after an hour with Acer about my 1 day old a500. It came with 3.01 but this is not what the are pushing out. They are OTA'ing kernal 1.4xxx where my machine has 1.01xxx. The screen problem, GPS, Microsoft Exchange are all in the newer kernal.

    They said I have to wait until it is pushed to me, no way to force it.
  8. pamela55

    pamela55 Lurker

    Does anyone have an answer to the short cord problem ??
  9. pamela55

    pamela55 Lurker

    does anyone have an answer to the short cord problem???
  10. mrcaptain

    mrcaptain Well-Known Member

    I just use an extension cord.
  11. Internetpilot

    Internetpilot Well-Known Member

    +1 on the extension cord solution.

    After looking into aftermarket adapters it's really the only sure solution out there.
  12. Lofeg

    Lofeg Newbie

    don't know what they were thinking with the extremely short power cord! Just don't make sense. Maybe to save some pvc plastic and the environment?
  13. GalaxyUK

    GalaxyUK Lurker

    Extension cord gets my vote
  14. Does anyone know when the 3.1 will b available??

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