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A75 Improvement tips

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kunparekh18, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. kunparekh18

    kunparekh18 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hello, it's me again.

    I just need some general answers on these doubts of mine. I'm new to this Android scene and I would like to know how all this works.

    -Suppose I want to create a new ROM. How should I backup my current configurations? I have created a NANDroid backup with ClockWorkMod recovery. Is that enough, or do I need to backup with Titanium too?

    If I have to backup with Titanium, what configurations should I backup with? It seems too confusing.

    -How do I increase the phone's speed? Can I increase the system storage or RAM in anyway? I also want tips on increasing battery life. I am running Ninad's UB-A75-1 ROM.

    -What are scripts? What is Busybox? I downloaded the Busybox installer from JRummy Apps, but it just says Busybox installation failed. I have seen some scripts like Data2Ext or something like that, but I couldn't understand anything.

    -What apps are recommended for a rooted device? I have heard that all of JRummy's apps are great.

    Sorry if there are too many questions, I just don't want to become the kind of person who blindly follows guides, but someone who wants to understand how these things work.

    I hope my knowledge may help, I plan on improving the scene for

    -Micromax A57 Ninja 3
    -Samsung Galaxy Pocket

    Which have no custom ROMs at all.

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  2. kunparekh18

    kunparekh18 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just forgot to add, is Ice Cream Sandwich/JellyBean possible on the device? If so, will it affect the phone's performance in any way?
  3. kunparekh18

    kunparekh18 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok, so forget about ICS, Holo Launcher gives very fine visual effects.

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  4. gta

    gta Android Enthusiast

    -nandroid backup backups almost everything.
    -phone's speed can be increased simply by downloading mtk cpu control app from market.
    -scripts usually tend to increase phone's performance , multitasking battery etc. they are located in system/etc/init.d. You must have a boot.img that supports init.d scripts. download varun's boot.img in case.
    -ub1 already got busybox so no need of it.

    apps i cannot suggest :p
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  5. kunparekh18

    kunparekh18 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Whoa, thanks for all the answers. Last thing, what are some scripts you recommend?

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  6. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    Busybox is not installed in UB-A75-1
    U have to install it by ureslf using jurrumy's installer and try the last version as d latest version is not supported so u get msg of failed installation.

    There are many scripts like V6suppercharger, 95tweaks, 99tune and so on so u can choose from the one you want.
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  7. kunparekh18

    kunparekh18 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, but for Busybox installer latest version is not supported, so how do I install it? Can I get apk file of version that works? Its a free app, so apk would not be illegal, right?

    Are all the scripts you mentioned in this forum? And, are scripts universal I.e. can scripts for one device work on another phone?

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