Root AAA/HA keys...Anyone know how to get them off this phone?

I need The AAA/HA keys.
Cant read NV items in QPST/DFS CDMAWS
Can't get .DLL for the phone and i don't even know if it exists for LGNPST
I have the flash tool .dll and heard there was a way to extract the .DLL for LGNPST from the .cab or tot but i cant figure it out.:thinking:

LG or boost has this phone on lock down:mad:


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I want to use it as a donor phone since it broke a month after i bought it, screen is falling off. And since i paid $300.00 for it i figured instead of buying a new donor that is easier i would get something back from it and use it instead.
So im flashing it to my note.
Edit: I've been mostly successful, i got 1x running and mms,gps all that is fine.
But these keys are alluding me and i think LGNPST is my best option.