Jul 1, 2013
Firstly - great site :D

Now here we go following instructions but having problems.

PC recognising device (device manager). Have had problems installing htc drivers as the installation fails - but found this file HTC

I thought I would let revolutionary do the recovery (it's a phone thats been given to me and dont need to save any apps or info on it).

Downloaded sdk tools put them on c drive.

open command prompt - adb shell - error device not found.

On phone - I have got it on in the boot page with fastboot usb in red.

If I type adb shell and Hboot usb plug is in blue - it says daemon not running, starting it now on port 5037. Daemon started successfully - error device not found.

If I try and run revolutionary it says waiting for device.

Frankly I havent a clue what I am doing - but have been fiddling around with this for a couple of days and its doing my nut :mad:

My HTC is PVT4
Hboot 0.93.001
Android 2.2.2

Hope some kind soul can point me in right direction :eek: Thanks.
I think I may have found one of my errors (hope there arent too many more). I replaced the system variables path completely with the " ;C:\android-sdk-windows\tools " rather than adding it to the end . . . . when I read the instructions, I remember not being too sure what to do - oh well, silly me!!!!

But how do I find out what my existing path was? Tried googling it but not coming up with anything.

PS If I have any questions, do I carry on posting them in this section of the forum?
Nope that didnt solve it but went onto another site (sorry) and followed their instructions and it worked :D

the unlockr . com
Ah yes, I tried that one the other day (so that I could run Helium, which requires Android 4, to transfer some backups to my new phone, since the new phone wasn't rooted at the time so couldn't use Titanium). It was actually faster and more stable than the ICS ROM I tried first :)
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