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Abduction!: Epic Game

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Mario Brothers, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Mario Brothers

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    This game is the epitome, of games that should be on the Android OS. Games should be fun,addicting,a app that can be used to socialize and compete. This game is about a cow being....guess what ABDUCTED just like in the title. This is a game which the player keeps jumping on platforms to reach the top and get abducted. The controls include moving the device left and right, and tapping the screen to pause the game.

    This game has many different difficulties such as, Hard Medium Easy, and includes infinite levels which are you guessed it INFINITE. The game types have many variables inside them, from easy to hard the speed of the game will increase and the platforms will deplete, as you ascend. Also there are numerous point getting techniques, such as collecting the cows that fall down at you. But there are also bombs which fall as well, and these will kill you.

    Initially the player will start with 1 life, but as you go up the level, you can collect presents, which can contain an Extra Life, but this isn't always the case. These can also be bad presents, such as Fewer Platforms, Crumble which destroys the last platform you jumped on. But the presents also offer advancements such as High Jump and More Platforms.

    Tips for this game include using two hands to play the game. By putting your thumbs onto the side of your device, and using two hands you will increase the precision in your jumps. Also other techniques include building up points to get multipliers.

    This game also include a local high score and a worldwide high score, so you can see how you pitting up against your friends on your local system, or a kid from Tokyo. This game will also have all your friends wanting to play with your phone since its so addicting, so it is your choice if you want to show it to your friends for some friendly competition.

    In conclusion, this is a spectacular game, it has a mesh of brilliant aspects, and will keep you wanting more and more.


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