about email notifications...


How do you make it so the phone doesn't automatically check for emails? I get so few that it would be better for me to be able to simply do a "manual" check when I want, rather than have the phone check all the time. Besides, I don't NEED to be notified every time I get an email since most are crap anyway.


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go to mail box

go to desired inbox

hit menu

hit more

hit settings

hit send and recieve

hit set download frequency

hit manual



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Thank-you sir. I was looking at that but was afraid I'd screw something up like lose all my contacts again.:rolleyes:
I like that I can get my email on my phone but I simply don't get enough important emails that I NEED my phone downloading them 24/7.
Thanks again.


So now I get to ask the really elementary question. I set my email to manual, but now I don't see any check mail command. It has to be right in front of me. Would someone be so kind as to point to it, please?