Jun 28, 2013
Hey guys, I'm FixItNet's EvilSon, aka fixitevilson. The only reason my name's fixitevilson, was because fixitnetevilson was too long.
I'm 16 years old, and I have gotten my first Android device in March of this year. I'm heading into my junior year of High School, and I'm currently in summer vacation. I'm a proud owner of the Droid Incredible by HTC, and I'm currently running CyanogenMod 7.

I'm an avid Sonic the Hedgehog fan :D, however, recently, you'll catch me playing Temple Run 2 for Android.

I have 3 computers of my own, each running Linux. I also work on computers to get extra money for myself so I can get my tech stuff. :)
Thank you, and your name is the same name as my favorite band! I forgot to mention that I am into classic Rock and also I am learning to play the guitar! :-D

Anyway, I am soon to have a job, hopefully at McDonald's in my city... then I will probably buy myself a Droid RAZR M or better.:)