About permissions for gyroscope and accelerometer.


Mar 31, 2022
Hello, I am currently hoping to use Accelerometer and Gyroscope in the healthcare application.

I have confirmed that the Application need to request permission (ACTIVITY_RECOGNITION) to access the motion sensors via (https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/sensors/sensors_motion#java). However, I'm little confusing that whether the permission "ACTIVITY_RECOGNITION" is required only when the app uses the "step related sensors" among all motion sensors. Because, "ACTIVITY_RECOGNITION" is notated only in the descriptions of Step Counter and Step Detector, not accelerometer and gyroscope.

Also, when I tried to use any application (using accelerometer and gyroscope) in the play store, I couldn't check the procedure for requesting permission.

I would like to clarify this. If anyone knows whether the Android application have to ask the permission to access Accelerometer and Gyroscope, please reply. (or, if anyone gives me the URLs, I'd like to check and learn about it.)

Thank you for reading.