Root about the lg optimus m


Is it nomal for my phone while during normal use for it to hang, and restart because it is doing this quite often. Today i took it to metro piece of shit and they said that i needed to do some update on the lg website. Instead of doing that i rooted back from 2.2.2 to 2.2.1 and it still is doing that. Any helpful responses is more than helpful.


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It seems to be lg sucking at making decent hardware. lg reboot - Google Search
I decided to google that myself when I heard lg is making a revolution for MetroPCS, which also reboots. Not sure if its the CPU overheating, unhandled memory or just something wrong in their design implementation...


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my buddy has an optimus that reboots all the time.. the stock rom blows.. i have an optimus m as well.. and i have never had a rebooting problem and im running an overclocked kernel and of course a custom rom.. i used the stock rom long enough to root , flash recovery.. make a backup and flash a custom rom..