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About to go purchase a DX2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by spin360, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. spin360

    spin360 Member
    Thread Starter

    After work my plan is to go to VZW and buy a DX2 and D3 (BOGO). I'll keep the DX2 and sell the D3 to offset the purchase price. I don't like physical keyboards, which is why I'm choosing the DX2 over the D3. Anyway I won't receive the D3 for about week (out-of-stock).

    Reading this forum and particularly this section has got me a little worried about making this purchase. The only thing that has kept me from jumping ship is that if I don't like the DX2, I can just sell it down the road and pick up the Vigor or Bionic. I currently have 3 eligible upgrades on my family plan.

    Good plan or no?


  2. boom_roasted

    boom_roasted Lurker

    That would be a good plan but the buy one get one free is only for new activations on both lines. That means you renew your contract on 2 lines. Just so you know and don't go in thinking otherwise. If you don't mind that then go for it.
  3. spin360

    spin360 Member
    Thread Starter

    Right yeah I'm aware of that. How do you like your DX2? It seems most are not happy with their phones in this section but then again people only post when they have a problem.
  4. fastpicker89

    fastpicker89 Well-Known Member

    Galaxy S II announcement at the end of the month... that's all I'm going to say...
  5. Doubledee90

    Doubledee90 Android Enthusiast

    I am personally enjoying me X2, coming from an OG X it is super fast and little to no loading times when switching or opening apps. The screen could be better, but if you arent wicked close to your phone then itll be fine. I say wait for the month to be over, like the poster above said, Galaxy S II, and it will be awesome.
  6. boom_roasted

    boom_roasted Lurker

    I'm very happy so far. Of course my previous phone was an LG env3 so it's a massive improvement. I've only had mine for a week. I did the same deal you're going to do. I got the X2 and my mom is getting a D3.
  7. rustymcbain

    rustymcbain Member

    I have been extremely happy with all motorola droids so far. I have gone thru all versions moto droids and prefer this one the best. (some with warranty replacements some just to get the newest thing). The locked bootloader means nothing to me. This is the fastest phone I have ever had. In a few weeks well have some really great roms to run which should make it just that much better. Even web speeds rival my buddies tbolt, and dual core just renders faster when browsing web pages. I notice the screen less now but enjoying seeing it no matter the lighting so that's a plus to the amoled screens out now. Of course people have different opinions of this phone. I think alot run the stock software and apps but I have amassed a pretty large collection of paid apps to replace a lot of the poor functioning stock ones.
  8. spin360

    spin360 Member
    Thread Starter

    Appreciate everyone's feedback. I've decided against purchasing the X2 and just waiting for the Galaxy S II. That or waiting even longer for the Vigor. But probably getting the Galaxy.
  9. fastpicker89

    fastpicker89 Well-Known Member

    A good call. I'll probably make the trade as soon as it's out, even if it means getting half of what I paid back for this brick of a joke.
  10. John58543

    John58543 Android Enthusiast

    Don't get the X2. That's my 2 cents...read my DX2 review on this forum.
  11. hkklife

    hkklife Member

    Yep, another vote here to hold off. You are making a wise move.
    I just talked a friend out of the X2 and begged them to hold on to their old Droid 1 a bit longer.

    If someone was inquiring about getting a free X2 as a replacement for their X, then I'd say to seriously consider it. But signing your life away for 2 years on an X2? No way. And keeping the X2 over the Droid 3? Definitely not recommended!

    I'd hold off for another month at the minimum. By that point the Bionic should be out and we should have some idea of the GSII release date. Past that, you have a number of 2nd -gen LTE devices and maybe even the first ICS devices....and maybe a Nexus Prime on VZW as well.

    The X2 is not a bad device but it definitely has some major shortcomings. I honestly feel like it's the black sheep in Moto's current lineup and may not see an update to Gingerbread 2.3.4, and almost certainly will never see ICS. 720p screens will be the new trend beginning later this fall...
  12. fastpicker89

    fastpicker89 Well-Known Member

    Agreed. GS II coming out, Bionic coming out, plus the merger between Google and Moto... there's no telling what sex-machine they'll be releasing, be it a year from now... nevertheless, I want it. I want it so bad.
  13. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    How is the OP offsetting anything? Both devices require a two year data plan and there is a several hundred dollar charge getting out of it.
  14. tonestert

    tonestert Member

    Would it be worth buying a used X2 (supposedly unused) to hold me over until Nov when my contract is up ? I figure that way I can get the Nexus Prime on whichever carrier has it and then sell the X2. My original Droid is barely hanging in there and I'm so tired of it and so tired of waiting. Who knows when and if Verizon will even have the Prime and I'm going to pass on the Bionic.
  15. troll_killer

    troll_killer Newbie

    I'm trying to decide between the Droid X 2 or Bionic. Do they both have the same screen? Is the X2 screen really as terrible as eveyrone says?
  16. dguy

    dguy Android Expert

    The X2 is little more than an appetizer/place holder/side show until the Bionic comes out. The only reason to get an X2 is if you want to save as much money as possible or you can't wait for the Bionic to come out(Less than two weeks now).
  17. Scur

    Scur Android Expert

    I got a new one for just under $200, and will be putting it on Cricket. Considering I'm coming from the Ascend, I'm hoping it will seem freaking amazing to me.
  18. BabyDoc

    BabyDoc Member

    The X2 is still a great phone if you can't take advantage of a 4G network and don't need a front facing camera.

    I have a very fast WIFI network in my house and doubt that I'll be needing the speed of a 4G phone very often. While that front facing camera is an attractive feature, I'll be waiting for more than the Bionic before I upgrade.
  19. Scur

    Scur Android Expert

    Check and check.

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