About to pick up my Nexus! Procedure for switching over?


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Finally making the switch from an Incredible to a Nexus after VZW's $100 off discount last week.

I was just wondering if anyone could give some pointers or checklist to transferring as much info as I can between the phones since the Nexus doesn't have an SD card slot...

Also any beginner tips for the phone is welcome as well :D


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I want to know the answer to transferring over data as well. How do you put music or movie files on it ? Is it the same as the HTC EVO where you just plug it in the pc and you can access the internal memory , drag and drop ?


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Thanks for understanding.

You can copy all of the files from your Dinc SD and copy them to your G Nex. By files i mean pics, music, things like that. No system files.


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copy any SD card info you have from your INC onto the PC.
plug in the nexus, and a device (galaxy nexus) will appear. then you can navigate the internal memory just like a normal SD card.
drag and drop just like you would anything else.

same goes with music and videos.

backup all your contacts with google if you haven't already done so.

other than that, enjoy the new phone.

also unlock the bootloader if rooting is in your future. the unlock process wipes the ENTIRE phone...."SD card" and all.