Help Acalendar app has stopped syncing


Not sure if I am posting this in the correct area as I am new to this.
My husband has a moto G phone. When he first got it over a year ago we set up acalendar on his phone. I also had this same calendar app on my Samsung Galaxy phone. Sync was working very well.
I did change phones, I think it was in the spring last year. I now have a Samsung Core phone. Sync is working well on it.
Now his calendar will not sync at all, not even with his own google calendar. I do not know if this is a recent problem or if it started when I changed phones. When I click on sync nothing happens at all, not even the rotating circle at top of screen.
Can anyone help.


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In the app acalendar have a look at


In particular check that you have the up to date Google Calendar" app installed.

If that does not help you could contact the developer. He is very helpful.
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