Jan 30, 2021

I've a useless Chinese Android device and I had an idea this afternoon to let it work as a camera for my main car Android console.
There's how:
- I've an Android console on my car, and it has 2 USB in-puts. (Like those in pc)
- And I have a Chinese device (Which is supposed to be used as a GPS but it doesn't do the job) So I want to turn it into a camera linked to my car Android console. Note that my Chinese device has an ultra-wide angle camera so it's very interesting doing that!
-*- What I want to know is, is there's any way to link my Chinese device with my main Android console using USB cable, so it can show the live content from the Chinese device's camera in the main car Console, precisely is there's any app that allows this connection?

->> If you need more info and details just let me know <<-

Thanks !
Hajji Abdoullah.
More likely than not, the system built into the car will not allow such things while the vehicle is moving.

I cannot even link my phone via bluetooth if my ol'lady puts the car in gear- it must occur first, or she nust come to a stop somewhere.
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I've seen various factory fitted Android consoles in cars, and quite frankly the only times I've seen them showing live video from a camera, is when reverse gear is engaged, to show video from a rear facing camera. Which is used to aid in reversing of course.
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