Help Access contacts without working screen?


Hey guys/girls/men/women!

I would be so happy if you could take your time to read and give me some ideas about my problem, which is a water damaged HTC One X.

My phone was not working after the incident, after trying with rice and all that stuff. Which eventually lead to the point where I tried to dissemble the phone because I'm so impatient. Tried to post pics :(

Right now, it IS working. I mean the lights are working, the alarm actually went on the last morning (like 1 month after the water damage), which gives me some hope that the settings and the data is still there(?) I've pulled the screen off the device, (and accidently broke the two cords/cables connecting it to it)..

I've managed to connect it to the computer, open it as Storage, and save all the "internal data" such as pictures, movies etc.

PROBLEM: I need my contacts!!! I will do whatever it takes to get them back. I've been to tech shops and they all say that my data is lost. But it just.. doesn't make sense to me. The phone is not rooted, and USB Debugging was not enabled.. But if I can't access it from a computer, (srsly, you really can't bypass the screen to the phone what so ever?) would it help if I bought a new screen?

I know a thing or two about electric stuff and I like to mess around with computer related things, I just want to know what you guys think. Would a new screen solve the problem and is it the only option?

Thank you so much in advance.

// Adam