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Support Access filesystem from PC. Simpler way?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by GeraldBostock, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. GeraldBostock

    GeraldBostock New Member
    Thread Starter

    Oct 28, 2012
    My Wife wants to know how to download pictures from her Galaxy Ace 2 to our PC (running Linux, not that that should make any difference here). Compared to my HTC Wildfire, it seems to be a right pallaver.

    The mechanism seems to be:
    1. Tap Menu->Settings->Wireless and Network
    2. Tap USB Utilities
    3. Tap Connect storage to PC
    4. Plug in the cable
    5. Tap Connect USB storage

    That's 6 taps! And you need to remember where in the menu system to start.

    On my HTC Wildfire (also running Gingerbread) the process is like this:
    1. Plug in cable
    2. Screen comes up with options including "Mount as a disk drive" and a check-box to 'use as default setting'.

    That's 1, very clear and obvious, tap. If I tick the 'Us as default setting option' then the process is:
    1. Plug in cable.

    That's zero taps!

    Is there any way to improve this on the Samsung?

    --- Gerald.


  2. richsausage

    richsausage Member

    Aug 17, 2012
    Staffs, England
    Do some research into MTP (media transfer protocol). This is the mode the ace 2 automatically connects in - it allows you to read write files on the sd card/usb memory without needing to unmount it on the phone or even select anything in the on-screen menus. A quick Google search leads me to believe you can make it work in linux, it works terrifically in Windows after downloading the drivers from Samsung.

    For photos, have you had a look at photocloud on the play store? It automatically downloads pictures you've taken to services like picasa. I have it set on my phone to automatically upload only on Wi-Fi to save my data allowance. It's absolutely seamless!
  3. There was another thread about this I think but I can't find it. ANyway, for anyone who doesn't want Kies installed all the time you can download the MTP drivers from here Samsung MTP USB Driver Download | USB Driver

    I should've done it ages ago. Just plug your phone in and use it like a memory stick, no unmounting of SD card required so all your apps work fine.

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