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access icon from bookmarks of stock browser

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by Android question, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Android question

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    I am reading bookmarks from my stock browser but I cannot get the icon. I am using the Browser.java method from "The Android Open Source Project". It seems that the corresponding icons are not accessible in the same way, and not stored in the same tables. Does anyone know how to access them? If possible info of some detail.

    Many thanks.

    Here the entries but some cannot be accessed...

    HISTORY_PROJECTION = new String[] {
    BookmarkColumns._ID, BookmarkColumns.URL, BookmarkColumns.VISITS,
    BookmarkColumns.DATE, BookmarkColumns.BOOKMARK, BookmarkColumns.TITLE,
    BookmarkColumns.FAVICON, BookmarkColumns.THUMBNAIL,
    BookmarkColumns.TOUCH_ICON, BookmarkColumns.USER_ENTERED };

    but FAVICON and some others are not available from same tables...

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    Welcome to our AndroidForums, golpe--I've moved your thread over here to our Application Development area in hopes folks here can help you out.


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