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Access text messages on laptop via Wi-Fi tether?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Kitten Mittens, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Kitten Mittens

    Thread Starter

    Would it be possible? PDAnet has a texting client but I never tried it out and have since uninstalled it now that I've rooted and use Wi-Fi tether. So I'm wondering would it be possible to access the phone over Wi-Fi like you can over USB debugging in order to access and send text messages? I'm guessing no. I installed Chrome-to-Phone and with it, I can type text, highlight it, and send it to the phone's clipboard then go to the phone and paste the text into a text message. I know it probably takes more time than to just text on the phone, but it's much easier for me to type long texts on my laptop keyboard when I'm already on my laptop. Still, I can't read and send the texts from my laptop, to be able to read and reply to texts all from the laptop without having to take my phone out of my pocket would be awesome, someone needs to make this happen, if this was official it could be a very marketable feature.

  2. moby17169

    moby17169 Lurker

    I have recently been tethering via PdaNet and love the on screen texting. It would be an awesome app if I could connect my phone via bluetooth or wifi and be able to just text on my laptop screen. It would increase my productivity I waste so much time switching back and forth from both devices. I have noticed a lot with college students too, working at a paper and having to grab there cells to send a quick text. the paper takes twice as long. Some one needs to get on this I wish I had the know how to make it my self.
  3. jonnymem

    jonnymem Lurker

    SMS2pc is an awesome app that lets you send and receive text messages on a pc

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