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Access to phone through computer when locked out??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Lockedoutyeah, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Lockedoutyeah

    Lockedoutyeah Lurker
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    Draw lock pattern on phone. Phone service is off, I dont even use the number anymore. The problem is I want my contacts out of this phone and cannot get into it. It is the metro samsung admire so on an old closed account you can imagine the customer service is less than stellar. I have heard that when you plug your phone into your computer you can go into the files and remove whatever app or system it is that holds the lock pattern capability. Once this is done supposedly the phone is open because that system is no longer on the phone. It makes sense in theory, I have confirmed that you can access the phones files from a computer but dont know what file I should be looking for to remove the lock app. I know this is the most important component, I dont want to remove something I need and defeat my purpose. Can anyone please help me? I know I cant be the first one to have this problem and if they can unlock the iphone seems like this shouldnt be a problem.

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  2. GTK313

    GTK313 Well-Known Member

    1- Connect to wifi or activate your phone, use your e-mail to bypass the pattern lock (this is the e-mail you had to enter or create when you first had the phone)

    2- your contact are synchronize with your Gmail account, so you SHOULD have your contacts in your Gmail account, unless you disabled it which is strange.

    3- to back up the user personal confidential information stored in your phone or someone else phone is not easy (in Android or Iphone)

    - Root Access
    - Phone MUST be in debug mode (no activated by default)
    - Basic programing skills

    Read the following article on the basic simple way of doing it.

    you will not find many methods or way that will quickly do that, why? because it is really really strange to not be able to get your contacts with the following method unless the phone is not yours (and I'm not saying that the phone is not yours .... but many customers who come to me turn out to be that way)

    1- Bypass the pattern by using your gmail account. (need WiFi or Active Service) it's cheaper to activate the service for a month and get the contacts.

    2- Access your gmail and view or restore your contact.

    3- Visit a metroPCS corporate store and most likely if you prove the phone is yours they will port the contacts & images.

    It is hard in part to protect the privacy of your contacts, if it was that easy than anyone who gets his hand on an android phone will be able to pull the contacts of that persons phone (which is something really scarey)

    and as I always tell my customer Always Turn your Debug Mode Off When you don't' use it. This way if you lose your phone it will be almost impossible for some one to access your files.

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