Accessing music controls for third party apps



I moved from Iphone to Galaxy nexus and wanted to know how can i access music controls from the pattern lock screen. For example, if i use an app like iHeartRadio and wanted to skip,pause tracks from the lockscreen what do i need to do. Is there any widget app that lets me do this? On the Iphone double tapping the home button brought up the controls on the screen. But sadly i have not been able to find an app on the Nexus for this. I bought widgetlocker but it didnt work..:(:(

Any help would be appreciated...


Psychotic Female
The app itself (iHeartRadio for example) has to have the widget with those options built in to the app. The iHeartRadio app does not appear to have those features on it's widget.. just the Play and Pause button from what I can see.

Here's mine with JetAudio Basic and WidgetLocker: