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Accessories for the DC

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by potterdood, May 23, 2011.

  1. potterdood

    potterdood Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    What are some of the accessories y'all got for the Charge? I got the shell/holster, a Zagg Invisible Shield, the wireless charging battery cover and charging pad and I went ahead and bought some Beats by Dre tour Earbuds to top it off.

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  2. tarheelmike

    tarheelmike Newbie

    Will the inductive charging cover work with the phone still in the hard shell?
  3. eikona

    eikona Lurker

    I haven't been able to find any accessories for mine. We spent about 8 hours over 2 days hopping from store to store to store just trying to find a case! We finally gave up on day 2 and bought the first generic holsters we found that fit the thing.

    I want an extended battery - no one had any, and no one (not even verizon stores!) expected to get any. Same thing with the desk dock. The only thing anyone had were the screen protectors. So bizarre, and rather annoying.
  4. Rominucka

    Rominucka Well-Known Member

    I'll be getting the phone by next week.
    I'll be ordering an extended battery with cover.
    As for a case...oooo I don't know. It's such a handsome device and I would hate to cover it up but it's too glossy and I have dry hands. I've never dropped a cell phone and I'll be damned if I start now. I'll have to do some heavy research.

    NO SCREEN PROTECTOR! Only the truly skilled can get away with it and I believe I fit that mold. But I will have to find myself a gay little cloth pouch with a drawstring. My friend had one for his iPhone. Everyone laughed at him, but not me. The best was when he picked it up from the wrong end and the phone dropped no more than 5 inches and the screen cracked. HAHA...iPhones are stupid.

    Polishing cloths.
    Tiny portable vacuum cleaner.
    A half-mask to keep my greasy Italian face off the screen when I talk.
    A midget to be my personal phone caddy carrying a glass-dome covered platter housing a NASA designed shock-mount that utilizes specially calibrated tubes that shoot out air so the phone can float and not be touched by any solid material.

    I think that's it.
  5. Halcyon

    Halcyon Well-Known Member

    lol Rominuka!
  6. addictedtocars

    addictedtocars Well-Known Member

    VZ store by me had dock and extended batery and cover last weekend, they actually brought out all the accessories to show me.
  7. treb1797

    treb1797 Extreme Android User

    Even though I'm going case less b/c of the extended battery. Body Glove cases are the best hands down !!! They may not have it at Verizon yet. So go to Body Glove Cell Phone Cases | Mobile Accessories - BodyGloveMobile.com. While they are a pain to take on and off they are the best cases out there bar none.
  8. Rominucka

    Rominucka Well-Known Member

    Oh no. I forgot about the extended battery not having a case big enough to fit it.
    This is quite the paradox.
  9. treb1797

    treb1797 Extreme Android User

    Yeah..its the ole catch 22. Protect your phone w/ a case and only use it for a couple of hours or get the extended battery where you can actually use your phone but risk damaging it w/o the case. I am very OCD about my phone and have really only dropped phones in the past a couple of times & the case saved me. So I feel comfortable about going cases less b/c of my OCD ness ( just made that word up ) . I say that now, but whose to say I won't be back here in a couple of months eating these words. :rolleyes: So risk vs. reward or reward vs risk.
  10. Rominucka

    Rominucka Well-Known Member

    I'm not getting Ghost Armor. The process of putting it on scares me.
    I'll get Intelesheild (or whatever the **** it's called)
  11. addictedtocars

    addictedtocars Well-Known Member

    Yeah baking the phone is not a good idea in my book either.
  12. Rominucka

    Rominucka Well-Known Member

    I don't remember reading about baking, but it's all the soapy water and no suds, etc...it's just too much. I'm like a watch-maker with my delicate touch so I'll be fine w/ no case or cover. The ****er got Gorilla Glass (maybe).
  13. addictedtocars

    addictedtocars Well-Known Member

    I thought it was Ghost Armour, maybe one of the many imatations, but the kiosk at mall they acctually put the device in this mini heating tray to heat it up after they apply it, that turned me off, electronics and heat and not good combination.
  14. potterdood

    potterdood Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    the conductive battery cover won't work with any cases that I've seen and I have the shell/holster and it def won't work. Then I have the gps mount and it has to be out of the case and no conductive cover either. But the gps mount is awesome! The conductive battery cover n pad is very convenient. I got the invisible shield from best buy. The battery life is plenty for me so I don't need the extended battery.
  15. empyreandance

    empyreandance Member

    I've had no problems with the inductive charger in both a rubber sleeve and silicone case
  16. brian1972ca

    brian1972ca Lurker

    What charging mat are you using?
  17. nlsme

    nlsme Android Expert

    It doesn't come with one? That's kind of a disappointment. Not that I was planning on getting.
  18. empyreandance

    empyreandance Member

    I'm using the one sold in verizon stores.
  19. addictedtocars

    addictedtocars Well-Known Member

    I did become weak yesterday and had them install Ghost Armor on my DC. Hate them spraying liquid on the phone and then baking it, but think the phone gets hotter mounted to your dash then it does in their box. The Application looks good, truly does reisstgreasy finger prints, although the protector itself give a very slight orange peel look to the screen at certain angles. Also I just got the phoen at Costco so if the "application" harms the phone I still have 88 more days to swap it.
  20. GunnerJim

    GunnerJim Well-Known Member

    The Samsung Droid Charge is confirmed with Samsung Tech support to have Gorilla Glass, that being said I have the following accessories:

    Dock Station/Cradle with spare battery- Works faster than included charger, charges phone first, then diverts power to spare battery charge. Allows a Squeezebox feel of Internet Radio, Clock, Alarm, Web Updates, Weather at your nightstand.

    Extended Battery- Gives me 2 days of heavy usage

    Extended Cover- Does not add much bulk to phone, looks better than TB/Revo

    VZW Hawk Holster/Protective Back- Holster works with Extended Battery

    Cruzer Smoke Gray Argyll Case Cover- Works with VZW Holster

    Droid X2 Leather Universal Holster- Works with Extended battery, face out, it is a little snug.

    Steinheil Ultra Crystal Screen Protector, had the VZW Anti Glare, did not like fact that it did not cover the whole screen and had dull rainbow effect. The Ultra Crystal is as close to the real deal as possible, do not follow instructions applying the protector, put 2 on first, then 1. The protector covers to the edge with a hairs width of clearance, precision.

    Hope this helps, willing to answer questions.
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