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Accessories for the HTC Droid Eris

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by shante1012, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Droidcula

    Droidcula Well-Known Member

    What ever you do to accesorize make sure you check Ebay first. The verizon store has ridiculous prices for the smallest things.

    Car charger at the store cost 30 bucks. Car charger on Ebay cost me 5 bucks including shipping.


  2. ttran97

    ttran97 Android Enthusiast

    I finally got that two-piece ribbed shell and holster combo that Verizon sells. It is AWESOME. I asked about it here before Christmas, but I was hesitant to get it. I was worried that it would be too bulky since I usually carry my phone in my pocket. I bought a cheap face-out holster from eBay and it was nice, but that Verizon holster kept luring me in. Boy oh boy am I glad I have this now. The rubbery material is pretty thin so it doesn't add any bulk at all, and it feels great in your hand when you hold your phone. I like how I can put the phone head-first into the holster. This is good because when I draw the phone out of the holster, it's in the correct orientation to use instantly.

    I bought it on eBay for $16.95 from someone in NY, instead of $29.99 + 9.25% CA tax. Just search "eris case" and you'll see him. Very fast free shipping...made it from NY to CA in only two days!

    Thanks to all of you that posted your thoughts on that case/holster combo! This along with my Invisible Shield makes me feel like it's indestructable!
  3. AdrianC14

    AdrianC14 Android Expert

    I am also wondering if the HTC headphones are compatible.

    Anyone know if the Blackberry headphones are compatible and are great quality?

    Amazon.com: Blackberry Microphone for BlackBerry Pearl, Curve, Storm, Tour (Black): Cell Phones & Service
  4. Shadowtech

    Shadowtech Android Enthusiast


    $2.72 shipped and I would trust it a lot more than the ebay chargers. I use one for both my Droid and Droid Eris with no issues. 5v and 1000mA, and turns off when 100%. You could even throw in a couple cables and still come in under $5-7 shipped.
  5. knoxx

    knoxx Newbie

    i too just bought this case/holster today from the VZW store.. MSRP was $29.99 and they gave me a discount for $23.99
    im guessing because im a VZW customer? nonetheless i absolutely love it
    definitely recommended :cool:
  6. laznblaz

    laznblaz Lurker

    I've also been using this case and it works well. I was able to scuff a spot on the back and crazy glue my old Motorola car mount button (3rd phone it has been on) and didn't have to get a new car mount.
  7. Haxcid

    Haxcid Android Enthusiast

  8. Jegas

    Jegas Newbie

    What's the site where you can purchase a good, relatively cheap screen protector? It's not one that needs to be applied using any water or solution, either. It was posted in a post somewhere on here, not necessarily this post, but I can't find it now.
  9. tugboatannie

    tugboatannie Newbie

    I had a rubberized case for my Dare and I hated it. It always grabbed and stuck to my hair. Ouch. I have the clear plastic case that covers the three sides and I have a screen protector for the front.

    Didn't know they had pink. For sure, my husband wouldn't mistake our phones with that case
  10. krystyn

    krystyn Lurker

    where you get it at
  11. tugboatannie

    tugboatannie Newbie

    I bought it at Verizon when I got my Dare nearly 2 years ago. Check it out before you try. My daughter has the Envy 2 and she had a similar problem with her rubberized case. But we both have longish hair, past our shoulders so maybe if you have a shorter haircut it won't bother you.
  12. Magnus_CA

    Magnus_CA Member

    Go to Boxwave.com. I got the Anti-Glare. It protects all of the glass and doesn't show fingerprints like the vinyl ones. It's not crystal clear like the vinyl ones but it provides a slicker surface.
  13. Jegas

    Jegas Newbie

    What's the general census on a good case (hard or silicone?) that doesn't add much bulk to the phone. if a silicone case, is it easy to slide in and out of pocket? Thanks.

    I've searched the thread and i'm still at a loss as it seems everyone is with a different case haha
  14. laurentypo

    laurentypo Member

  15. kinakomochi

    kinakomochi Member

    Hi Jegas -- I went for the best of both worlds, but it's your preference, really.

    True silicone is just what you're picturing -- a lint magnet, but more difficult to lose hold of, and a cinch to remove to access the SD card and battery. Hard plastic cases provide theoretically more protection, but are more difficult to get on and off. You'll have both ends of the spectrum if you ask around about how hard that is. Too much fuss for me. Their colors and rubberized finishes are neat, but not for the access tradeoff.

    I went to PawAvenue on eBay and got one of his Crystal Skin Gel Sleeves in smoke. Adds a tiny bit of bulk, but that makes the unit easier to hold. The material is slick enough to slide into a pocket without catching yet grips fine in your hand (just don't get it oily, which is applicable for a silicone one as well). Doesn't interfere with the inputs but for a bit of intrusion at the *very* edges of the screen when swiping or typing. Subtle and classy... and $10. Slips in and out in a second. Doesn't get stiff in the cold.

    Seemed to have the least tradeoffs for features I wanted, so I got it. The price definitely solidified my decision. :)
  16. W4LLY

    W4LLY Android Enthusiast

    Rubber cases = tear/stretch/expand. Never last, stick to pocket, there really is no upside. It doesn't really obsorb shock either.
  17. gtpdjw

    gtpdjw Android Enthusiast

    I bought this and it works great for $12 shipped off ebay [​IMG]
  18. gtpdjw

    gtpdjw Android Enthusiast

  19. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Android Expert

    I have the same one from same seller and I agree with all of this. The only negative is that it makes it much harder to push the volume buttons though it would be pretty easy to cut out that portion of the case.
  20. Willard

    Willard Newbie

    Just bought a pure black crystal skin case from them instead of the smoke that i had. I think I've grown use to the volume control, but the case could be a little thinner which would make it easier to take off and press the volume control.
  21. efang001

    efang001 Lurker

    I ordered the Invisible Shield screen protector (zagg.com) for $14.99... just got it today & put it on within 5 minutes. It was simple & I got it right the first time around. I've been using Invisible Shield screen protectors for all of my electronics (Nintendo DS, DSLR camera, iPod Touch, previous phones) for the past 4 years & they all work very well. Some don't like that it has a rubbery texture when scrolling, but I like it since it's not as slippery & has better grip.

    However, they changed the tools they provide you for application of the screen protector since I last purchased from them. They used to provide each package with a small spray bottle containing the liquid & a rubber squeegee tool, but now they provide a cleaning cloth, a big sponge soaked in the liquid & a plastic card. I found the new sponge made application A LOT easier & A LOT less messy. The screen protector fit perfectly & there was also a small hole on the top for the sensor.

    Anyway, here are the results:




    Hope this helps anyone who's looking for a good screen protector :)
  22. Peaser

    Peaser Well-Known Member

    I never buy accessories from Verizon, but I decided to get the silicon case and I LOVE it. I took it off the other day for the first time and didn't like the feel of the Eris, it felt very slippery. The rubber case from Verizon is great to hold and doesn't add much bulk. Before putting this into my bag for work however I slip it into an old Palm case I have from Dooney & Bourke and it keeps much of the dust out. I have dropped it twice now, once in the second case and once without it and the phone is fine. The Verizon case does provide some protection because it extends beyond the screen and is a pretty tough rubber.

    I also purchased a car charger and USB charging cable from Let'sTalk.com which is the OEM for HTC. Very inexpensive and good quality. However, before the order arrived I found a mini USB cable in my cabinet and tried that and it worked fine and charged the Eris as well. So now I have a spare.
  23. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    Funny, I also have used InvisiShields for all of my gear for a while, and I bought one for the Eris. I also noticed that they changed the install gear, but I found it worse - the spray made things easier for me. It was far easier to re-wet things if you need to.

    I also was disappointed in the feel of the screen. The Invisishield just seemed to have too much drag, and I was finding it difficult to use. I finally just removed it.

    I later ordered a similar screen protector from Skinomi. That one came with the spray bottle, but it also seems to feel better and I find the Eris easier to use with the Skinomi. (I also like that there are no more finger smears on the screen. It was pretty clear to anybody who was curious what my screen unlock pattern was by looking at the unprotected screen.

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