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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by javajoe96, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. javajoe96

    javajoe96 Newbie
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    I have come accross 4 offical accessories for the Sanyo/Kyocera Zio. One made for Sprint and three made by Kyocera.

    I have all 4 but I will only be putting pictures of the 3 from Kyocera, since the Sprint Body Glove snap on case I have is already broken.

    I bought the three Kyocera accessories from Cellular Factory and they had them cheap. They show them in pictures branded with Kyocera but when you get them they are indeed branded with ZIO. I bought the Sprint Body Glove case from a Sprint Store.

    Kyocera Gel Skin (Silicon Case) #35501KWR: It is a typical Silicone case but it branded on the Back with ZIO and does comes in 4 colors, Black, Red, Blue and Pink.

    Kyocera Shell Case (Silicon Case) #35505KWR: It is a snap on case that is plastic with a leather like finish that is also branded with ZIO. It is a one piece that snaps on to the back of the phone.

    Kyocera Desktop Charger #35504KWR: It is a charging craddle and it also branded with ZIO. It comes with the base alone and so you need to supply your own usb cable or power adapter. Also, something important to note is that if you wish to use this you will have to remove the usb port cover from your phone otherwise it will not fit and it will not fit if either of the other two covers is on your phone. Weirdly, the back of the packaging says that this is made to charger the phone and an extra battery at the same time, but there is clearly no spot to charge an extra battery.

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  2. javajoe96

    javajoe96 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    would an admin mind moving this thread to the general Zio forum.

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