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Acclaim kernel with root released.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by electricsheep, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. electricsheep

    electricsheep Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I've released an Acclaim kernel with root over on the SDX forums, for those who are interested in Root. Right now the kernel is just plain jane, as I've used the .config Samsung provided in the source, but it does have root and should work with any type of root needing applications and allow you to remove System / US Cellular apps you don't want.
    Theme-ing hasn't really begun yet for the Acclaim, but I have also released the de-odexed version of all the apps and framework in the system folder for those who want to start modifying the Acclaim's look.

    Link to Rooted kernel;
    Acclaim Rooted Kernel

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  2. chevy73

    chevy73 Lurker

    link does not work.
  3. york629

    york629 Lurker

    It seems like the entire SDX dev site is down....hopefully not for long...
  4. JimboMidge

    JimboMidge Newbie

    Looks great!! I would definitely partake if it didn't void my warranty..... :(
  5. electricsheep

    electricsheep Newbie
    Thread Starter

  6. dcollins23

    dcollins23 Newbie

    electricsheep, I checked it out and it looks good. I am wondering, though, can the tutorial on live wallpapers be done on a stock Acclaim or must I root first? Also, rooting allows custom ROMs to be flashed, correct? If so, do these ROMs typically boost performance?
  7. electricsheep

    electricsheep Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Live Wallpapers needs Root do to the fact that you have to place the Live Wallpaper apk into the system folder and for that you need read-write access to it.
    Most people who make ROMs like to include faster custom kernels, better compiled libs and a ported version of JIT, so if a rom were to include any of that it would be faster. Any ROM with JIT should increase the speed of your phone by 2x to 3xs.
  8. dcollins23

    dcollins23 Newbie


    Struggling with the live wallpapers tutorial, though. Not sure about using adb shell commands, seems a bit confusing for me.

    EDIT: Never mind, I got it! Pretty excited, I feel accomplished.
  9. sueasidle

    sueasidle Newbie

    Thank you electricsheep and anyone else involved in providing the plain jane rooted kernel for Acclaim. I am as new as a newbie comes to this rooting thing, and was able to follow the instructions at sdx to root my Acclaim. I didn't want much more than to get rid of a few stock applications, which I have now accomplished. The only other thing I really want to do is to put images I want to use as wallpapers INTO the system wallpaper browser/gallery..... but where is it and how do I do it? Thanks!
  10. electricsheep

    electricsheep Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Oddly enough the Default wallpaper is contained in the Launcher.apk file in your /system/app folder, which means that there is really no easy way to do it besides decompiling and recompiling the file. There could be an app for that, but I don't know one off the top of my head.

    I've also created a Mini-theme for the Acclaim. It changes some of the fonts, changes Notification bar to black, gets rid of the ADB debug notifications, and uses a percentage based battery display. Link
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  11. sueasidle

    sueasidle Newbie

    I am having difficulty removing the following: "Latitude", "Places", "Navigation" & "Maps". It looks like they are all part of the same package, which I thought was "Maps.apk" however after removing that, all of the above are still on my phone, even after a reboot. When I 'listed' the apk's while using ConnectBot, it shows that Maps.apk is gone? (I do have it backed up) The 'package' shown is '/data/app/com.google.android.apps.maps.apk' ... Suggestions?
  12. sueasidle

    sueasidle Newbie

    Update: Never mind - they're gone now! I recalled that Latitude, Places & Navigation 'appeared' with the Maps update... after deleting Maps.apk with ConnectBot, the 'uninstall update' button was available in the phone's 'manage applications' but I guess I was expecting it to be an 'uninstall' or 'uninstall application' not 'uninstall update'. So I went back and 'uninstalled update' and mission accomplished! Hope this helps someone else.
  13. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Can you give Root back?

    What I mean is, Root has a bunch of security issues... while I'm not knocking the Root community at all, I've heard some pretty nasty things that can happen.

    So, can you root a phone (flash the root package), toss the garbage apps you don't want, maybe install the ad blocker and maybe do live wallpapers... and then un-root it by flashing back the old kernel... or will that restore all the apps you didn't want?

    Thanks for your work on this. I'm on the fence as to whether or not to root. I'm gonna download everything I need and read everything I can just in case, though.
  14. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    DR, I remember when I flashed my old HTC PPC6800 to get WinMo 6.1, there was no going back to stock. The same probably holds true for the Acclaim. If you were able to switch back, all the stock apps would come right back to you.
  15. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    Remember, rooting does void your 1 year warranty. Also, a rooted phone probably will not be recognized by some US Cellular services.
  16. electricsheep

    electricsheep Newbie
    Thread Starter

    After your done adjusting you system/app folder you can flash the default kernel back and root will remove root. You can also use programs like Protect Su on SDX, which causes a confirmation popup anytime the phone trys to use root.
    So far no one has reported any issues with US Cellular services and I really don't think that would be likely because the rooted kernel only adds the root user to the phone, a small change to Busybox and nothing else. I do agree that if US Cellular somehow knew your phone was rooted it would probably void your warranty.
  17. tecsironman

    tecsironman Newbie

    Sweet... another pcc6800 user.. I hear you on that one, when I flashed winmo6.1 I forgot that I could not go back. That could be the reason why I have not attempted to root my acclaim yet. I would like the market apps installed on the sd card as what the uscc lady told me but I dont see that happening. All lies, hopefully uscc upgrades this phone to 2.2 for that to happen.
  18. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    From what I had read, there was no going back, because to go back, you need the stock ROM, which I don't believe is available publicly at present. If it were, than what you say above would technically be true.

    Also, the rooted kernel does not add the root user as you explain above. All Linux systems, including Android, have a root account. The modified kernel merely gives you access to that root account. Without even a password to protect it! Now, I get to loose the software I don't want, but then have to add some more because of the change.

    If you ever have to send your phone in for repair (such as Advance Exchange) your rooted phone will be discovered (kernel version comes to mind immediately), and you will likely be charged for all repairs.

    The possibility exists that software used in the rooting process or related software, could potentially cause issues with the phone or your service. As you point out, nothing has been reported at present.
  19. MeatCurtains

    MeatCurtains Lurker

    Do you know what your talking about? Obviously not because a few things come to mind.

    1. There is a stock kernel, and it has been available. If you would have even read the op and went to the link you would know.

    2. I can make the kernel version say anything by modifying the initramfs, actually it may not even be modified on this kernel, I believe it is.

    3. If you pulled the initramfs you would know how root is achieved, maybe you should try.

    There are several programs that can protect your super user access, I recommend using them if your worried. If your that worried then you should watch the random apps you download off the market as well, they can get permission to do all kins of great hings with your phone.

    And for those of you super pranoid, it is legal, that's right LEGAL to access super user privledges on your phone.

    If you are worried about taking it back to service thre is even a system folder dump from a stock acclaim you can use to flash back all the stock apps you've removed.
  20. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    First, with an opening comment as above, are you a troll? You can make your point without turning to rudeness, but that may just be your nature!

    As I stated, if the stock ROM is available, going back is technically a possibility (if you haven't bricked your phone, that is). There is more to a particular Linux distro than just the kernel. Of course, being such an advanced Linux admin, you probably know that, eh?

    Yes, you can change the file name of the kernel, but can you also change its MD5 sum?

    If the ways to protect root (super user in your Windows world) are so great, why are we not seeing these in the general Linux community, and why are admins to this day told not to run as root unless absolutely necessary? That's right out of CompTIA's Linux+ and LPIC 1 exams! You probably know about those as well, eh?

    Yes, it is legal to root your phone, but it is a violation of US Cellular's Terms of Service agreement to modify your phone, and rooting does violate that. You have also kissed your phone's warranty goodbye, as Samsung's warranty also excludes modification. Adding applications does not void any warranties or ToS, but replacing the phone's ROM does. And yes, there are applications out there that can be invasive to your personal info. Installing some of them (alternative keyboards come immediately to mind) could allow the developer access to personal info. Running as root without even a password allows any script kiddie with BackTrack 3 or 4 to gain access to your personal data! As an experienced Linux admin, you are probably aware of that!

    "Actually it MAY not even be modified on this kernel, I BELIEVE it is." Sure looks like I may not be alone in knowing what I am talking about, eh? You aren't even sure.

    What is the file name (and location) of the complete ROM that a novice can use to flash and return their phone to stock when they need to?
  21. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    I should also add that if you root your phone, and when netfilters are added to the root kernel, thereby allowing you to tether, you will open a big hole into your PC! Network devices run as System on a Windows machine. System basically has access to anything on your computer. Connect the dots.
  22. MeatCurtains

    MeatCurtains Lurker

    Nothing is flawless in protecting anything on your computer, windows, linux, mac OS. To assume so is lunacy. I'm aware that you do not run as root, thats common sense. I'm well aware of what root is, and how to use and deal with linux in general.

    You are scaring people away from a simple process that can better the use of the phone. Ask Moment owners, the acclaim is the same way. With anything there are risks you assume, but that is also why some folks have gone ahead to create the system dumps.

    The acclaim is tough to brick, there are only 2 ways I can think of at the moment that will perma brick the phone. Flash a bootlogo that is too large, as well as flash a Moment rom. ElectricSheep has gone back and fourth from stock to modified plenty times to assure it works, other users have as well.

    No company is going to take the time to md5 the kernel against a stock one. They check a few simple things like modified recovery, boot loaders, boot animations, and phone version info. If it all "looks" to be stock, or has been flashed to stock, they wont know or care 99% of the time.

    Yeah, I had to double check if the kernel had a modified name. I wasn't using it at that exact moment in time, sorry. I checked, and it is.

    As for the rom, it is the stock kernel and system folder.

    Go to SDX-Developers its there.
  23. brewcityboy

    brewcityboy Lurker

    Can someone please send me the rooted kernel in an email? The link for it doesn't work.

    My email is : sternigt@yahoo.com
  24. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    Last March, at the CanSecWest Pwn2Own hacker's contest, the iPhone was taken down on Day 1. The phone's complete SMS database, including messages that had been deleted, was remotely pulled from the device.

    When the dust settled, few devices remained. Google's Chrome browser was unscathed. RIM's BlackBerry Bold 9700 survived, as did a Google Nexus One running Android. Oh yes, the prize for hacking one of these devices? The device plus 10 Large!

    You are quite right MeatCurtains, nothing is 100% flawless at protecting your machine. That said, most folks probably lock up their homes when they leave for work, and many lock their cars as well. They probably even use a padlock at the gym. You? Who knows.

    What I do know is this. Today, many folks bank using their phones. Some keep sensitive documents on their phones, including financial records of many types.

    Android has proven to be an acceptably secure mobile OS when used as designed. Once you open the door though...

    I'm not scaring people away, and even if I were, why would that bother you so? Do you have a back door to your kernel?

    What I am doing is telling folks the truth, so that they can make an educated decision. If they want to run without the security that a stock system provides, that is fine by me. If they want to risk having to fork out for a repair because you directed them to mod their phone, that is cool too.

    It does bother me you promoting that people should be dishonest about their device in the event they screw it up. That ends up increasing the costs myself and others pay for our services. Note that the deductible for Device Insurance on a smartphone through US Cellular's partner just doubled.

    Yeah, they probably won't go to the trouble to check MD5 sums. So does that make it right to steal? You seem to think so. You want me to run a kernel you designed, and an unlocked one at that?

    I'll stick to stock for the present.
  25. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    A bit more about rooting your phone, as this is what THIS thread is about. I came across the following article on another forum and felt it should be shared here. It is just one more reason why rooting may not be the way to go for the average Android user. Again YMMV.

    Android Passwords on Rooted Phones in Clear Text

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