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Acclaim: Voice dial, contacts and playlists OH MY!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Five66T, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. Five66T

    Five66T Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Had my phone about a month and a half and have slowly started playing with it.
    First question. How, besides the Nuance app, can I get my phone to respond to voice dial commands??? Having to initiate an app before I can go hands free doesn't make a whole heck of a lot of sense especially when I'm on my motorcycle and have the phone sync'd to my BT headset in my helmet.

    Second question. When I add a contact to my phone thru the phone itself, WHERE THE HECK DOES IT GO? It confirms that it is saved and when I key in the number on the dialpad, it knows who I'm calling but when I go to the list of contacts, nothing. If I sync my phone with USCC using MCB it will show in the list online. And if I modify the contact on the web and RE-sync, it will show in the list. Where does it go BEFORE that happens? Why do I have to back it up and then resync to get the new contact to show?

    Third question. Playlists. I have a load of music on my SD card. I created a playlist with just SOME of the songs and moved it to my SD card as well. I can see the list when I go to the player. I can see the songs on it. When I pick the menu, I have the option Party Shuffle On/Off, Shuffle All and Save as playlist. The first two seem to play MORE than just the songs on my selected playlist when all I want is my playlist??

    Fourth question and this one's convoluted. Or maybe not. Is there a way to get my phone to play the music thru BT into my device?? My MC helmet has stereo speakers attached to the BT unit. As I haven't figured out how to play music via BT, I use a mini-RCA cord between the phone and my helmet unit. As well, I turn BT on on my phone and it sync's up with my helmet unit. All is well. When the phone rings, the music is silenced and tones play. I can say "Answer" and the call is answered except since I'm plugged in to the mini-RCA jack in the phone, the call doesn't come thru it and the person on the other end can't hear me. While the call is going I get no music (as it should be) but I have to unplug the cord from the phone to get the call to go thru BT to my helmet.
    While the call is in process, everything is fine and the song is on mute. However, while talking to someone via BT, I can go to the music player and hit play and hear the song via BT! The call is also taking place although I can't hear the other person much over the music. And when the person hangs up, the music stops coming thru the helmet headset and starts back up thru the phone speaker. If I plug the cord back in, it goes back to the headset.

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  2. mistah clutch

    mistah clutch Newbie

    yeah, this phone has a lot of little nuances that i could only figure out by coming here.

    unfortunately i've only had the phone a few days and can only answer one question.

    open your contacts, goto display options, then click on your gmail account and select the blank checkmark. this will show all your contacts.
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  3. Five66T

    Five66T Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Mistah - WTH is up with that??? I actually had TWO blank options with check boxes. I found clicking the first one did nothing but clicking the SECOND showed my contacts added in the phone!! ARE YOU KIDDING?

  4. mistah clutch

    mistah clutch Newbie

    lol, idk dude. glad i could help you though. does your search function go crazy?
  5. Five66T

    Five66T Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Havent had it go crazy but it seems to come up ALL the time. Sometimes I wonder if it has a mind of its own but maybe i'm hittin the button....
  6. mistah clutch

    mistah clutch Newbie

    yeah, that's what i meant. mine just pops up randomly. sometimes it's not so bad, but sometimes it pops up like every few seconds. very frustrating. i really like this phone, but am still in my 30 day period, so might have to return it for the desire, or the new one that just came out, the samsung mesmerize. don't really wanna spend the extra $120 on a phone though...

    but it seems the search popping up is a known issue. at least on this forum...
  7. googy76

    googy76 Lurker

    For your bluetooth music issue, go into the bluetooth settings screen, at the bottom it will say bluetooth devices then list your devices. Choose the device you want to use for your music and press and hold, a menu will pop up, choose options, you will see profiles and 2 check boxes, 1 for phone audio and 1 for media audio. Make sure both are checked, you may need to be connected to device first. Hope this helps.
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  8. bryandrummer

    bryandrummer Member

    mine has issues with my car stereo. my stereo has the option to play music over the blue tooth. well i have to do like the above post but many times i have to uncheck the check mark for media and then recheck it in order for my music to play. just a random thought that may help
  9. Five66T

    Five66T Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Will try it when it is connected to my helmet. Without the connection, the only device I get in "Profiles" is the phone???
  10. Five66T

    Five66T Lurker
    Thread Starter

    googy - Nope. Mine only had one option, even when paired with my headset. Phone audio only. Is this an Android feature or a limitation of the Acclaim I wonder....
  11. Five66T

    Five66T Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Here's a funny.... My phone started locking up almost daily. I went back to my carrier's store and had the technician there look at it. He ended up on the phone with "DTS" (some tech group?) and they had him reset it to factory set. All new now. MUCH faster than it had been. Got my contacts back. Everything seemed fine until I went to add a new contact. Guess what? It disappeared! So I followed this advice and went to the spot. Guess what? NO BLANK CHECKMARK BOXES ANYMORE! And the new contact still doesn't show.

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