AccuWeather Problem - Incorrect Days on screen..

I own a Samsung Galaxy S II phone. Just bought it a couple days ago. I noticed that the days are incorrect for my AccuWeather. When I pull up the app is shows the weather for more then a week ahead of today. today is Dec 21st. The weather it shows is for Dec 31st. The weekly weather is from 1/1/2013 - 1/06/2013. How do I fix this problem? There is no option to change the dates within the application. If someone has a step by step fix for this on the Samsung Galaxy S II Phone, please put it in this thread. Thank you.


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I was able to fix this issue. I Powered Off the phone completely and changed the refresh setting for the Weather app to 3hrs. After I powered the phone back on and it was still showing the wrong day and week, but after about 30mins it refreshed and showed today's date and weather. Of course it was showing the wrong city, but I was able to change that with no problems. So everything is fine now and this thread can be deleted.