Ace S5830 - wanted to understand...

Hi, everyone

I had alredy rooted an HTC desire, this time my goal was to root the Galaxy ace. I found a simple procedure/software here: Android AdvicesTutorial to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Android Phone -

It worked fine, the phone is now rooted and I see an icon called SUPER USER.

I just wanted to understand how it works now... For example, what seems to be happening is it always tries to install to SD Card. Skype for example is in SD Card and I didnt choose to put it there. My phone doesnt have that setting to choose where to install things.

And this program SUPER USER, I dont understand it. If I execute it, it shows 3 tabs, APPS, LOG and settings. But APPS it says "no applications in this list". Log has nothing and Settings has some settings such as ring action, log formats, notifications enabled (when an app receives SU permission) and also has info on Superuser... version for superuser, for Su binary, etc.

Is that it? It will always try to install apps to sdcard? or do I have to instal app2sd, or create a partition, load a ROM, etc like I did with HTC Desire rooting?

I wanted to keep it simple. I guess the way it is, is ok, it seems I do have more free memory as some apps went to do sdcard.

Thank you!


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Pls can someone help?

At least after the root, I installed all progs I need and have mure more free ram (50 MB), so Im happy. But I wanted to understand...



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Hi Robert,

OK, I'll have a try:

Superuser is an app that manages permissions. If you run an app that requests superuser access, the SU app will ask whether you want to grant it that access. You have the option of allowing it just this time, or permanently. So the "list" will be the list of apps you have given su access to, and the "log" will show when the apps were granted su permissions. If both are blank it suggests that nothing has used them. To test, either install and run Titanium Backup (which does need it) or open a terminal emulator and type the command "su". Superuser should then pop up and ask whether to grant the permissions.

As for apps installing to SD by default, that shouldn't change just because you rooted. There is a setting for this, but it's a "hidden" one - default_install_location. If you install Quick System Info and look in System Settings you'll find the value: 0 = internal, 1 = auto, 2 = SD. So if it's been set to 2, that's your explanation.

You can change it using adb, as described in this thread over in the Desire forum.


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Thanks for helping again :) Interesting that for some reason after rooted, I do have more space then before, not sure why.

You said I cant change the default without using adb, but just by being rooted I can already move most things that I couldnt before to sd? By going in each app and choosing to move over to SD...?

Thanks again!