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Acer iconia A3-A10

Discussion in 'Acer' started by desilynn79, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. desilynn79

    desilynn79 Newbie
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    i need help... you dont have this tablet listed anywhere on the site but it is out in the usa... i know i have one! i could have rooted right when i got it out of the box with framaroot because it had jelly bean 4.2..... i didnt think about rooting until after i did all the updates and started to personalize... xda develpers has a toolkit for it nut im having issues with it and the develpoer or the op is slow to respond to pm as i cant post in the thread due to the fact i havent made 10 posts previosly... this thread has 380+ pages and doesnt just involve the A3-A10... i hvae no clue who to begin to ask for help there besides the dev due to the amount of pages and various tablets... is someone could help me with the toolkit or help me to (finger crossed) rollback to jelly bean 4.2 so i can just use framaroot and then update that would be great!

    thanks in advance!


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