Help Acer Iconia A500 won't boot


Alright, I bought the A500 on May 2nd and have absolutely loved it. However last week I was minding my own business, posting on Facebook and such when out of the blue my widgets started acting a bit disappearing when I touch them and then not letting me re-add them to the screen because "there was no space available" though there clearly was. I thought a reboot might solve this! It didn't. Now my A500 won't boot. It gets stuck on the ANDROID screen and stays there forever. I can't return it to best buy because I've had it for more than 2 weeks and I tried contacting Acer since it is still under warranty but their technical support is absolutely horrible. They actually told me to try doing a factory reset from the app menu. How am I to do that when it can't boot, ya idiots?

Anyway, has anyone heard of this? I don't have time to scour the forums today and my time is limited since I have exactly 1 day to fedex it back to Acer for a problem they deem as a hardware issue. I am unrooted with the stock ROM. I tried rebooting with the volume up button held but that seems to try to recover from the SD card, which I do not have. Any ideas? I could get an SD card and flash a ROM but does anybody have the stock acer honeycomb ROM? I'd like to keep it under warranty while I can.


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Glad that worked and that's good info to know.

Just curious, what is the reset hole to the left of the USB for? Anyone have any ideas?