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Acer Liquid E / G-mail problem HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by noeljblanco, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. noeljblanco

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    I just got this Acer Liquid E second hand from a friend and this is my first android experience. When I got the cell, I went on my laptop and created two gmail accounts. I logged them on my phone and both were synced: 1 primary and 2nd was not (obviously). I later decided that I did not need two accounts, so I chose to delete the gmail account that was the primary on my cell. The thing is that I deleted that account when I was on my laptop. Right when I did delete it via my laptop, my cell has a icon pop up and says that there is a error syncing my (now formerly) primary account. As well, it has locked me out of accessing my android market apps, and my calendar. Each time I try to get on those, it asks for the password for the account that I already deleted. So then I tried to remove the account, but it says that I need to do that through a factory reset. I can't do a factory reset because it has my entire work schedule for the next 3 months on the calendar. Can someone please help me??? I need to get access to my calendar schedule before I can do this factory reset. Unless someone knows how to remove this login request that it keeps asking me?

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