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Ack! My Gmail is disabled. Won't sync & can't access on web!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SharonW, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. SharonW

    SharonW Member
    Thread Starter

    At first it was just Gmail, but when I attempted to do a work around and access my account through Google Finance I made the mistake of signing out of that and I can't access ANYTHING now. No iGoogle, no Gmail, no personalized Google News, no Google Finance. THIS IS NOT COOL. And Google has done nothing so far despite multiple attempts to remedy, but instead imply I violated their terms of service. I didn't do anything. Gmail worked in the morning and then stopped. I've now been without google service for about six hours.

    Anyone ever have a problem like this and if so, how did they rectify it? My Droid is showing that sync is not working at this time. I tried logging in from iGoogle on my Droid and after that fails they send you to a verification page for a code to be sent to your phone to reactivate it. I do that and it says this phone number has already created the maximum number of accounts! I only have one! :mad:

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  2. SharonW

    SharonW Member
    Thread Starter

    Even weirder, I can access Google Finance through the app on my Droid and my stored stock info is there, but I can't access it on the computer.
  3. Jon Nale

    Jon Nale Android Enthusiast

    This sounds terrible! (I have most of my data on the Google cloud!)

    I hope you are able to get this resolved, and please keep us informed of any developments. First time I have heard about anything like this happening.
  4. SharonW

    SharonW Member
    Thread Starter

    Well, to make it stranger, all my contact information is intact on my Droid, along with the previously mentioned Google Finance. I don't know if that's because I entered some of the contact information by hand on the phone directly, which I might have, but that would have been some additional details to what was in my Gmail.

    The phone acted funky earlier today, too, when I think all this happened. The sounds all went super soft even though the settings showed them at the max. I removed the battery to reboot and the sound was perfect again, but I still have this signing in issue.

    When I go to the sync function, it only shows Gmail having a sync problem with a little notice below it that says "Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly." Like I said though, that was 6 hours ago.
  5. SharonW

    SharonW Member
    Thread Starter

    Now I'm really mad. Nothing has been resolved with Google. I got this email from Google in my hotmail account by going through their "I think my account has been compromised" link as nobody there has responded to any other contact I've sent them.

    The link they provide in this email for "If you believe your account has been disabled in error," is the same one I've used several times now, but have gotten NO RESPONSE. So they're just sending me in circles.

    This sure is unnerving. How'd you like to have all your Google accounts INCLUDING Google Voice unable to be accessed without rhyme or reason? You can't even call Google like you can call Verizon to rectify...or can you? Anyone know?

    Man, I've been one of Google's biggest fans, but this is really bad. In over a decade of use, my worst problem with hotmail were occasional log-in failures, but never anything like this.
  6. nevets56

    nevets56 Lurker

    I JUST got a Droid, synced my Google and all was well for several hours. Later in the day, I started getting prompted for my password. I would enter the password a few times and it would keep rejecting it, even though it would work when typing the same password on a computer to access my account. I got the same notice about Sync experiencing problems, but an hour later, I could no longer access ANYTHING from a PC or my phone. I tried recovering my password and was then informed that my account was disabled. It's now been 24 hours since I've submitted the same requests to Google and I've still got nothing. I need information that is only saved in Google. I'm rather upset :-(

    Did you ever have any luck in getting your account back? If so, did you lose any data?

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