Activate iPhone Home button via Bluetooth HID


I believe this would be a pretty small app, but am happy to learn more...

I'm using a pure Android 4.2.2 Car Stereo, so Android is acting as a bluetooth headset for my iPhone which sits in my pocket while I drive.

I'd love to have a small app that simply presses the Home button of my iPhone via Bluetooth HID profile. This would allow me to activate Siri by pressing a button on my car stereo. It would essentially do what this device does. It is just a Bluetooth HID device and only has one keyboard button. The Home Button.

I'd think that an app like this could work for those with iPhone or maybe even a similar solution for people with an Android phone.

The reason for doing it is because the Android stereo doesn't see phone functions as local functions, since it is working like a bluetooth headset for your own phone. So Google voice commands such as "Call Home" or "Read text" result in errors because there is no phone functionality built in to the car stereo. In these situations we'd really like to ask Siri to "Call home" or in the case of an Android phone, have a button that would activate the Google Voice commands of the phone in your pocket, rather than on the car stereo.

FYI, the Android Stereo is rooted. I hope this provides enough detail. Would really like to see if it could be done.