Help activating used Optimus V to existing acct -Virgin Mobile


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I've been so happy with the LG Optimus V that I purchased and use on Virgin Mobile that I bought one for my wife. She has been trying to use a Kyocera S2300 with mixed results.

When I do the phone swap at VM will the MSID number I put into the Optimus be the same one that she has on her Kyocera or do we have to call VM for a new MSID number?

I guess the question is whether the MSID is connected uniquely to the phone or whether it's tied to her account.

Thanks for any help on this.


IIRC there is a link on the VM website about getting a new phone when you already have an account with VM. There are different steps to go through to activate the new phone with your existing service.


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The # on the new Optimus is what you want to swap to.

My kids lose and find their VM phones so I "get" to do swaps almost monthly as they lose them, find the old one, etc etc.


That's not a bad question from a prepaid user.
A few services like Tracfone I believe don't do porting
at all, you get a phone that is unique and if anything
goes wrong you lose it all.
The fact that the phones even have removable sim cards
is very mysterious, if they still makem thataway that is.

On normal providers, you can port #'s as well as switch phones.
It can almost always be done from within and/or when you set up yout account


=) well at one time I remember they were assigned to the phone
at least I think it was a tracfone.
oh well doesn't matter I think VM'S plan is way better
Go to the V/M website and once you log in, go to "Phone, Apps & More" then click on "Swap Phones" and follow the directions. This will tell V/M you have a new phone. If you have trouble you can call V/M and they'll help you swap the phone. :)

PS - Sometimes you'll need to do a full "cold re-boot" (take out battery and hold down the power button for a count of 20, then re-install battery and re-start phone) after activating the new phone. ;)