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Activesync error: Exchange: Error ocurred on the computer running the exchange server

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by etm001, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. etm001

    etm001 Member
    Thread Starter

    Jun 11, 2010

    Yesterday I noticed that my corporate email (i.e., Activesync) were no longer being synced to my HTC Evo (running Android 2.1). A little troubleshooting revealed the following:

    • I could still send emails from the Evo via the synced account.
    • My synced calendar and contacts continued to updated without error.
    I believe my company is running Exchange 2007, but I am not sure (and since the help desk does not officially support syncing to non-Blackberry phones, I doubt they will help me details or troubleshoot). In any case, a little Googling revealed that:

    • This error is not specific to the HTC Evo (it happens on other Android phones).
    • A few folks reported that the error occurred seven days after Activesync was initially configured on their Android phone, and would reoccur approximately every seven days.
    In my situation, the only unusual item to note was that my mailbox had reached capacity on the Exchange server sometime during the period when my phone stopped syncing. However, freeing up space in my mailbox did not resolve the problem.

    In the end, I resolved the problem by deleting the Activesync account on the Evo and re-creating it. After doing that, all emails synced successfully. I would recommend this as the solution (a fairly painless one, at that) for anyone who encounters this problem in the future.


  2. SARC

    SARC Active Member

    Jun 2, 2010
    I've been trying both native exchange activesync and touchdown since I got my Evo last Friday. My conclusion is that on the rare occasions I can get the native echange activesync to complete without giving "Socket Communication Timeout" for my Calendar, it just doesn't sync everything properly.

    Touchdown on the other hand seems to handle everything with ease, including catching up after being in flight mode..... once you reconnect all the stuff you did "offline" is updated on the first push. This apparently doesn't happen with the iPhone (My boss keeps complaining about it)

    I was not happy originally at the idea of buying an expensive phone with the latest OS, and then having to go buy further software to get it to do what my old WinMo 6 Tytn ii had been doing perfectly for years, but I have just put it behind me and am now getting more in tune with touchdown and am very happy with the Evo.

    Just one note is that touchdown can sync tasks, while native exchange activesync cannot, and as I use tasks quite a lot, this makes Touchdown more useful

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