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Actual Experience of a Case Saving Your Phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jerkyboy, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. jerkyboy

    jerkyboy Member
    Thread Starter

    So I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the HTC Aria today:D:D. I am a notorious phone dropper and have been searching for some real world experiences where someone who has a case, case/screen protector, or safety "skin" on their phone dropped it and it didn't break. Please report on what you are using, how bad the drop was, how your phone fared, and if you'd recommend the case/screen protector/combination. I'd like to order some phone protection so I can put it on when the phone arrives.

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  2. mrdoc

    mrdoc Newbie

    I bought this one at ebay:
    Black Hard Rubber Case Cover +Film for HTC ARIA LIBERTY
    For the first time, i dropped my phone today!! about 4 feet height... only thing that happened was a scratch on the case..
    the screen protector is also pretty neat..

    Here is a thread that might be helpful
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  3. jerkyboy

    jerkyboy Member
    Thread Starter

    Do you have a link to the case/film, how much was it, and how bulky is it?
  4. mrdoc

    mrdoc Newbie

  5. jerkyboy

    jerkyboy Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the info. I was just curious if it dropped on the screen and how hard was the drop?
  6. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    Edited picture so text all fits on one page. :)
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  7. mrdoc

    mrdoc Newbie

    No, it dropped on the corner. As i mentioned, it dropped from about 4 ft height..
  8. jerkyboy

    jerkyboy Member
    Thread Starter

    Ordered the set up you suggested yesterday, hopefully I'll havve good luck with it too:D:D:D.
  9. mrdoc

    mrdoc Newbie

    good luck..

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