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ad-hoc mode working

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tony378, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. tony378

    tony378 Member
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    Dec 30, 2009
    I found this on XDA:
    < http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthr ... 84&page=66 >
    ok, the wireless chipset is from broadcom, and the wl userland tools is present on the device so we can put the card in ad-hoc mode by issuing these commands :

    wl ap 0
    wl infra 0
    wl channel 4 (or each channel you want)
    wl ssid "truc"
    now you should be able to connect one ad hoc peer offering dhcp capacity.

    it should be a good idea to put this capacity in an alternative firmware when we will have all functionalties of 2.0
    (i would prefer some people working on 1.6 but there is no fan here it seems.)

    I try it, and it works.
    Here is how I did:
    A. On windows 7
    1. You should have 2 nework adapter, (assume that you have a laptop, you are using a wire nework cable connect to the internet, and you are not using the wireless network).
    2. Create an Ad Hoc Network (you can google it to how, or go to < http://www.kombitz.com/2009/02/09/windo ... c-network/ > )
    ps: just don't use password at the first time, you can try it after you are succefuly connected.

    B. On the Phone
    1. Root the phone and have superuser whitelist in the phone
    2. Have Better Terminal Emulator or Terminal Emulator installed
    3. Setting -> Wireless Control -> Wi-Fi Setting -> Add Wi-Fi Network -> input the SSID name as you want (i.e. adhoc) -> Save
    4. Star Better Terminal Emulator (or Terminal Emulator) -> Type in:
    wl ap 0
    wl infra 0
    wl channel 4
    wl ssid adhoc
    5. Go to Wi-Fi Setting, you should see it's obtaining IP address...
    6. Done. If it's unsuccessful, try to turn off WiFi, then turn on to try again, or reboot the phone. If still not, check the pc side setting.

    OK, it's good for some people who have a laptop with a wire network at school or somewhere, and they want their phone to go to internet through WiFi.
    I hope someone can make an apk to do the job on the phone, or a modification rom can connet ad-hoc nework instead of typing commands.

    For those windows xp users, just go to
    Control Pannel -> Network Connection -> Slect both Local and Wireless Connection -> Right Click the mouse -> Bridge
    then Right click on the Wireless Connection -> Properties -> Add -> type in SSID name, slect disable the password stuff, then OK -> Advance -> slect ad-hoc only -> OK -> OK
    That's it, you finish all the setting on windows xp, then do the same thing above on the phone.
    ps: I don't have windows xp on hand, if you don't get my step above, then maybe my memory is wrong, you can google it how to setup ad-hoc and Bridge on windows xp


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  2. chtimbas

    chtimbas New Member

    Apr 7, 2011
    thank you so much.. been looking for this post for so long.. ^_^ its working with my lg gt540 with better terminal imulator.. ^_^

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