Android Expert
Apr 14, 2010
does any one know how to get my incredible to connect to my windows 7 made ad-hoc wireless internet?
Can your Inc see the networks? Are you using any security (password) or open? Try using an open network just to make sure you can connect. If you still are having issues, drive to a populated area and try connecting to someone's open network (there will be one)

If you keep having issues, you may have to try a hard reset, and if still no luck, could be a bad chip in the phone.
it connects fine to normal wifi but no ad-hoc... kinda weird... my omnia did this fine
I have verified that it does work on my Win7 x64 using connectify. Could be the wifi card in your pc isn't compatible(maybe?)

Do you have another laptop or wifi card you can try?
no i dont my laptop is about 3 years old and it has worked before but im not sure why it wont work on the incredible