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Ad Issue

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box & Feedback' started by Sue7M3, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Sue7M3

    Sue7M3 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Is there any chance the full page ad that pops up and takes over the screen could be gotten rid of? I understand the need for the revenue ads provide and have absolutely no problem with banner ads or any other type of ad, but the ones that pop up and take over the screen are intrusive to say the least. They say "brought to you by Phandroid" on the top.

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  2. Phases


    I've complained heavily about these on behalf of many users. It appears they are not gong anywhere.

    I've also pressed pretty heavily to have them removed for premium users at least. I understand that's a possibility and we're waiting for proper code form the ad company.

    (Yes, one would think a simple "if [usergroup] then:" statement would do, but when I said that I was given the impression all the code was mixed together (for header banner, etc), so a new block would need to be provided.)

    They are particularly annoying on mobile devices.
  3. Phases


    Rob just sent an email to our ad network about that code..
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  4. AussieAndroid

    AussieAndroid Member

    This ad has been driving me insane. To the point that I dont bother checking this forum from my Android phone anymore.

    It's not just the fact it pops up, but it always goes off the edge of the screen. You can't drag the screen over cos it refits itself, so you have to zoom out, then hope and pray you can click the X to close it, then resize back.

    And then, it doesn't even disappear for good. It comes back next time you click on a link....this happens multiple times but *eventually* disappears (for that session anyway).

    It's been happening for ages now. You'd think android forum should have zero issues on on android device ;)
  5. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Android Expert

    Yeah I hear ya. But it sounds like they are at least trying to work on it. Not sure the exact details (which users really don't need to know). Ads are important to sites, but I suppose you could try other browsers. I use Maxathon and haven't noticed any pop-up ads. Dolphin and SkyFire are two other browsers that I've used for quite a while.
  6. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42

    You also don't see any adverts in the phandroid app, which includes a forum browser. It makes browsing from your phone far easier.
  7. eyebeam

    eyebeam Extreme Android User

    Wow, that's disappointing to hear. I don't check out the full site on a mobile device too often (the only time this ad is an issue for me), but I do like to occasionally from the wife's tablet on WiFi, and the way this ad is delivered really does blow.

    This is even more disappointing to hear. Not all of us are in a position to contribute to the site monetarily, but do try to contribute in other ways. Making us put up with this nuisance ad, that's extremely tough to navigate around, because we can't pay, sends a bad message IMO. I hope the owner(s) will reconsider.

    And no, I'm not complaining about perks for premium members in general - I just think this idea is a bad one.
  8. Phases


    Well, mostly because they are supposed to get "less ads" - the popups are the logical ones to remove.
  9. eyebeam

    eyebeam Extreme Android User

    Yeah, I get that. It's just that IMO, this particular form of ad delivery (worse than most other pop-ups), that makes viewing the site at all so difficult, should be gone, completely.

    Anyway, thanks for doing what you can.

  10. surlypoker

    surlypoker Well-Known Member

    Agreed... Found this forum because i was looking for droid daily news... Phandroid popped up and been hooked...

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