Help Adaptive Fast Charging - Galaxy S7


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I have had to buy an EU (2-pin) plug for travel purposes for my new Galaxy S7 but I will be using a standard USB cable (from a Galaxy S4).

I was just wondering if the cable is part of the "fast charging" function i.e. if I also need to buy a "fast charge" cable.

If I do, where is the best place to get it online in UK?



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yup, a cable is pretty much a cable, providing the wire can handle the current.... which a lot of the older cables can't.

but, the power module must have a current rating large enough to support the Fast Charging rate...

ie, the charger that came with my older cellphone ( not a smart phone ) will just barely charge my Note 4..... it charges so slow, that it only gains about 2 percent per hour....

the Samsung 2.1 amp charger module does charge at the Fast Rate.