>adb shell kill LURK

Just saying "Hi" as the giant JPG at the top of the screen says to do. :p
Here for my girlfriend's LG Spectrum; XDA doesn't seem to have a lot of support for it.

That's all I got


Welcome to Android Forums WangChung81. I'm glad you found these forums and I hope we can help you set things right with your GF's LG. Here is a link to it's support / discussion area: LG Spectrum - Android Forums
I hope we have the information you seek. Be certain to ask for help there if you don't find a thread addressing your problem. Have fun and thanks for joining the community.


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Thanks for the welcome. I've already read until I've bled and the result is her rooted and updated to Avatar ROM. Right this minute trying to figure out if ortrigger's kernel will work with Avatar or not. Looks like it may since it's CM10.1 based... Back to reading.