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ADC2 download links?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Sytar, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. Sytar

    Sytar Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I was wondering why the ADC2 listings don't have links to the apps that they are showing. I have done searching for a mix of the applications, and I only find a few of them on the download sites.

    I saw another post saying 'when they are released', so it makes me think that they are going to finalize the apps, or something before they actually link them and sell/release them.

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  2. Carl C

    Carl C Extreme Android User

    I would say that's probably one of the Reasons why we don't see some ADC2 entries on the Android Market. I saw some good apps i suppose we'll just have to wait and see if their released to the Market :)
  3. Sytar

    Sytar Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I don't know if this is Google not spending enough time on this, or if there is another group involved, but I keep hearing more and more bad stuff about the Market. It is really starting to discourage me when it comes to the Android OS. I love the idea, and some of the apps that are out there are great... but, if I can find them easier, and smoother in a market like the iPhone has, then I see why developers are discouraged when it comes to Android.

    Reporting the winners of the ADC is the perfect time to put some links on them and give you the ability to download them. Heck I think I would have probably downloaded at least 4-5 of them just because of the description and the fact that they won in a category. But in 3 months when they are released to the Market, I will have found another app that does what it did, and won't have a reason to get that one.
  4. RyanB

    RyanB Guest


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